Welcome to the home of Smith Monochrome Photography.
(Also known, rather whimsically, as RandomHamster Photography!)

I am based in Bristol, using both medium format film and Leica digital to capture the world around me. Prints are available for sale from most portfolios.

Tracey Smith



Bristol, home of Brunel's well known bridge.
Bristol Landscapes.
St. Nicholas Market Life.
A study of St. Nicholas Market, Bristol. It's archtecture, people and daily life.
Land, sea and sky.
Images of landscapes from around the UK.
Standing Stones in Monochrome
Standing stones and ancient places.
Places, people and things.
A gallery of odds, sods and general life.
Square Format black and white Film
Images created using a medium format 6x6 camera.
Hastings Pier: every print gives £5 donation to pier trust
A selection of shots showing Hastings Pier before the historic structures on top were tragically burnt down by arsonists on the 5th october 2010.

Every print sold from this portfolio donates £5 to the Hastings Pier and White Rock Trust to help restore the Pier.
1915 kodak photos and other old images
A selection of photos, some taken with my tiny Kodak Vest Pocket Autographic camera from 1915, others photos I have 'found' in antique markets. This gallery is just for fun, prints are not for sale.